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Estate planning guide

We have created this planning guide especially for you, the Christian steward.

Your estate is a sacred trust that has been accumulated as a result of God’s blessings upon your labors. God is the owner of your estate. He gives you the responsible position of managing it in life and in death, and the privilege and joy of expressing your love for him and for others through your estate plans.

We pray that with God’s blessing, this booklet will give you a practical, understandable, and workable process that results in a plan with which you are comfortable. An estate plan that . . .

    • expresses God’s plan of stewardship for your estate,
    • transfers your estate to your loved ones and charitable beneficiaries in ways that help them, and
    • completes the process in the least amount of time and with the least amount of expense.

Using This Booklet

This booklet will take you through the steps of preparing an estate plan, including filling out detailed forms at the end that will be useful to your planners and family.

Go ahead and read through this booklet, completing as much of the “Information for Your Planners” forms as you can. Then contact a Christian giving counselor and he will help you complete the process. There is no cost or obligation for working with a counselor. His goal is to help you carry out your stewardship objectives more efficiently.

Please start this booklet by completing the “What Is Your Present Situation?” section on page 17.

Please note:

  • You need Adobe Reader in order to complete the form fields on a computer. If you do not have this software on your computer, you can download it for free here.
  • This workbook is meant only for saving and printing your information. Do not e-mail the document with completed form fields as your data could be intercepted.

Annual Report

WELS Foundation is the foundation of choice for WELS members and ministries. It is the only foundation whose sole purpose is to facilitate donors’ desires to support WELS ministries.

After the Israelites crossed the River Jordan to enter the Promised Land, they set up a stone memorial so that future generations would know the goodness of God (Joshua 4:4-9). In the same way, WELS Foundation exists to help members whose gifts leave a monument of their faith that will be a blessing for many years to come. By establishing a planned gift, you are creating a lasting legacy by providing financial resources dedicated to the support of teaching and preaching God’s Word to future generations. As you contemplate the transition from the wilderness of life on earth to the Promised Land of heaven, what will be your memorial stone?