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Why Donor Advised Funds and Supporting Organizations are a Gift Planner’s Friend 04-2019 
The Do’s and (a few) Don'ts of Gifts from IRAs 03-2019 
Advanced Gift Annuities 02-2019 
What, Me Worry? When to Say No (or Yes!) to a Gift 01-2019 
Marketing in the Age of Trump 12-2018.pdf 
Building and Maintaining the Testamentary Gifts Pipeline 11-2018 
Top 10 Planned Gift Marketing Strategies from Scientific Research 10-2018 
What Your Gift Administrator Can Do For You 09-2018 
What to Use and When: CGAs vs CRATs and CRUTs 08-2018 
Regaining Momentum in Your Planned Giving Program 07-2018 
Taxation Basics for Gift Planners 06-2018 
Making Sense of State Gift Annuity Regulations 05-2018 
Extend Your Reach: Make Major Gift Officers Active Partners in Gift Planning 04-2018 
Working with Younger Donors 03-2018 
Donor Restrictions – What Will They Think of Next 02-2018 
Dear Donor Please Forgive Me Avoiding Gift Annuity Mistakes 01-2018 
Rules Rule - Best Practices in Gift Acceptance Policies 12-2017 
Intermediate Taxation for Gift Planners 11-2017 
Gifts of Retirement Assets 10-2017 
Understanding the Older Donor 09-2017 
Planned Giving Essentials 08-2017 
Getting Bequests Right from Prospect Identification to Realization 07-2017 
Planned Giving Marketing for Starting-Restarting a Program 06-2017 
FDN-Gifts of Life Insurance 05-2017 
Attracting Gifts from Donor Advised Funds 04-2017 
Successfully Navigating Gifts of Real Estate 03-2017 
Building Endowment with Planned Gifts 02-2017 
Counting Revocable Gifts - Return from Fantasy Island 01-2017 
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