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Downloadable resources

A Surprisingly Flexible Way to Give: Three Flavors of Deferred Gift Annuity 
Because That's Where the Money Is: Attracting Gifts from Donor Advised Funds 
Maximize Impact: Unveiling the Power of QCDs 
Donor-Centric Marketing 
Gifts From Your Donor's Other Wallet – A Primer on Gifts of Non-Cash Assets 
Fundraising for Endowment – Q&A 
Taxation Basics for Gift Planners 
Fundraising Metrics are the Worst! (And How to Fix Them) 
What to Use When: CGAs vs. CRATs and CRUTs 
CRTs – Moving from Discussion to Completion 
Gift Planning in a World of Higher Interest Rates 
Asking Your Donor for Their Largest Gift Ever: A Bequest 
The Essential Gift Annuity: 7 Things You Need to Know 
A Better Data-Driven Approach to Identifying Top Prospects 
Success with Life Insurance Gifts 
Planned Giving Marketing: What Works! 
How to Jump Start Your PG Program: A Case Study 
Marketing Testamentary Transfers 
The Top Ten Lessons Learned from the Front Lines 
Behavioral Economics and the Psychology Behind Major Gifts of Assets 
Checklists to Help Make the Gift Happen 
Strategically Giving a Business Interest to Charity 
Should My Organization Have a Life Income Program? 
Gifts of IRA Assets and Other Qualified Plans 
Myths and Realities of Bequest Fundraising 
Effectively Promoting Your Planned Giving Program 
Important Year-end Charitable Giving Strategies 
When You Can't Take Your Donor to Lunch 
Taxation Basics for Fundraisers 
What Should My Donors Do with Their Retirement Assets? 
What Color Is Your CRT? 
A Case Study in Focused Donor Advised Fund Fundraising 
State Regulation of CGAs: From Simple to Downright Complex 
The Retained Life Estate: A Most Underutilized Gift 
Strategic Conversations Lead to Major and Planned Gifts 
Charitable Lead Trusts: No Time Like the Present 
Blended Gifts and Collegial Collaboration 
Bequest Marketing Everyone Should Do 
The Social Work of Fundraising - Meaningful & Frank Conversations That Lead To Great Gifts 
The How and Why of Philanthropic Advising 09-2020 
10 IRS Rules You Need to Know to Help Your Donors Make Great Gifts 08-2020 
QCDs Beyond FAQs: A Deeper Look at the Charitable IRA Rollover 07-2020 
Effective Gift Planning Strategies in Turbulent Times 06-2020 
New Results from 100 Years of National Data 05-2020 
Understanding Tax Issues That Can Lead to Bigger Gifts 04-2020 
Gifts of Life Insurance 03-2020 
Calming Troubled Waters: Getting IRA Death Proceeds in a Timely Manner 02-2020 
A Paradigm for Effective Bequest Fundraising – From Prospect Identification to Realization 01-2020 
Real World Lessons from Real World Planned Gifts 12-2019 
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